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Lifestyle offers a look into your every day life – those moments that you usually would try to capture on your cell phone instead of being able to be a part of it and experience it with your loves.

These sessions are the moments you make albums from, you hang on your walls. These are moments you cherish forever.

A typical full lifestyle session follows an entire day of your life – from rising to bedtime.


  • I arrive the night before, eat dinner (provided by me!) to meet your family, your children and more.
  • I sleep on your couch and wake up prior to you to prepare for the moments of the day
  • I capture your wakeup/morning routine
  • I capture the day and all the little details from the tickles, to the trips to the meals, the moments and more.
  • I capture bedtime routine. Bathing, dressing, and more.
  • I leave after sleep sets in.

With any session, there is a consultation prior to the photographic moments and a post-session to view and select your images.