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Summer Camp applications open!Each summer, no matter the age of your children, there is a lull, a downtime from the daily educational endeavors grind that requires filling time and still engaging in learning. What’s great about summer, is it gives kids the opportunity to study one thing for one week with an excited engagement that waivers around March with a typical school setting.

We send kids to camp, workshops and more, just to keep them engaged, away from the TV and learning.

This summer, I encourage you to allow your kids to attend art, music and other camps that engage creativity. Why? Because art is a form they can learn to express their world within and you, as a parent, might learn more about their understanding of it if they can engage in an “output” curriculum instead of “input”.

Like any camp, we will have a schedule. Like any learning activity we will have “drills.” But unlike many, our will be done with a camera in hand, seeing the world in a new way.

I am offering three ONE-DAY Photography camps for up to four students each date. Each date is based on age and will require the student to provide the camera unless previously discussed.

Why Little Photography Camp? Because in the future, what means will they have to capture the moments they want to cherish forever?

Each camp will be SIX hours and include the following:

  • Drop off – location is my home and workshop/studio space
  • Focus #1: Light, Beautiful light – how light is recorded on camera
  • Focus #2: Composition – learning to work with the natural light AND the space they have
  • Focus #3: Utilizing their camera – (Camera selection will be discussed at registration)
  • Focus #4: Camera settings (dependent on their camera and age)
  • Focus #5:Photography near/in water (10 and up, must be able to swim) dependent on weather
  • Workbook to take home and work through to remind them what they learned and give them extra practice

Camp dates:

  • July 15, 9-3 p.m.- Ages 8-12, requires Point and Shoot Camera, limit 4 students
  • July 29, 9-3 p.m. – Ages 8-12, requires SLR camera, limit 4 students
  • August 12, 9-3 p.m. – Ages 12-15, requires SLR camera, limit 4 students

Pick up is from 3-3:15, and any time after 3:15 will require additional $1.00 paid cash per minute unless additional time is added prior with below.


  • 150.00 for SIX HOURS of instruction, lunch meal and workbook
  • Students should bring their camera (unless add on extra purchased,) swim suit and clothes suitable for outdoors and walking.

Add on extras:

  • 50.00 for camera rental for their date
  • 70.00 for two extra hours (3:30-5:30 p.m.) of underwater/outdoor photography work
  • 50.00 for early drop off from 7:15-9. During this time, we will watch movies about film (Ansel Adams, viewing Vivan Maier and more) and work on coloring (kinesthetic artistic work usually helps engage into photography.)
  • Mom/Dad workbook to take home and use on their own or with their child – 40.00

Please send all inquiries to littleephoto@gmail.com or call and leave message or text 817-631-9230.


My qualifications: teaching photojournalism for 7 years at the high school level and multiple one-on-one classes. Interested in non-camp and one-on-one sessions? Prices begin at $140.00 for four sessions for adults. Inquire for more information.